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Welcome to the Planet's fastest and much easier way to shorten your URLs. We neither put annoying ads while linking or complicate the way in which you shorten. The 0bc.xyz is a app which can be used for sharing, by simply pasting the URL in app, and export it.

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Paperbooklet | Uni-Clipboard

The Paperbooklet is a app which can be used for sharing, by simply pasting your content in app, and export it. The end user can press the link straight and get the content, else, they can even open Paperbooklet app and restore by pasting URL inside the app in cloud restore mode.

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Appropriately communicate frictionless between multiple devices using Paperbooklet

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We are also coming up with wonderful updates, which gets done within the app itself.

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We waited until we could do it right. Then we did! Instead of creating a carbon copy.

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Start is free

Sign up our API & use under Pay-As-You-Use plan. We also provide Enterprise plan and free migration from Bit.ly & Ow.ly

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