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Our team's main aim is to automate and get yourself relieved from the subscription schedules. So we want to ensure that you don't end up adding a subscription of us. We are really happy to make it one hundred percent free to use for lifetime.

We still give you updates and much more at all no cost. We'll be the first of this type to provide relief from the most common issue we have in our daily life, subscription management. The app covers your subscriptions for all the merchants signed up with us.

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iOS, Android & Web

This app is designed to work on all device: desktop, tablet or mobile. The app helps you to manage your existing subscriptions to unsubscribe or upgrade the plan.

App also helps you to add more pay methods to add funds for subscriptions and to link your other mail address or mobile number making it easy for more signups to come. It helps with managing preferences and your profile in a clean interface.

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Circle | Friends & more

Subscribing never stops with us. We do often use our cards to subscribe for our fellow family members and friends. We make it simple at Doifoo, by linking your friend's mail ID / Phone number.

You can also link your personal multiple IDs and phones, so that inside our merchant app, when you are signed in with an ID which is already linked here, you get subscribed using this profile's pay funds. While everyone in family and friends linking can still hold their personal profile, We call it the Circle.

Pay | Adding funds

We understand that pay methods vary for every place, we ensure to maximise the comfort of adding funds, and that's the main advantage of subscribing to your favorite merchant via us. Your funds never expire and be reused across Doifoo merchants.

Your pay method can be also used for your friends and family via the circle option making billings less complicated. The app is designed to ensure every geo has got to do better with varying pay methods. Also, take credit facilities available via our pay later partners in certain geo for taking advantage of subscribing for stuff you can pay together later, making it easiest way to subscribe ahead.


Merchant | Doifoo

Doifoo makes it easy for your Business to get subscriptions owing to the ease of use for the consumers. Their billing pay methods and circles are totally taken care by us, and it's just a button which needs to be integrated.

We provide the API to integrate in two ways, as a standalone version, or merge model helping you enable other pay methods like PayPal, Charge bee, Stripe, Apple & Google Play subscriptions along with Doifoo. Interface needs just a button update and we currently will roll for India & USA merchants in our initial launch.

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